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Manual Xud9te __EXCLUSIVE__

You will find your repair manuals in your autoaid profile after purchase and you can access them directly in your browser. Further, you can download all manuals as PDF and print them as often as you like.

Manual Xud9te

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The manual gearbox is an essential mechanical component to coordinate and influence the way each vehicle travels on the road. This element contributes to a closer relationship between the car and the driver. Its function is to engage the gear indicated for the route taken, not relinquishing the need for the driver to change gear manually and activate the clutch whenever he wants to select a new gear. This type of gearbox is preferred by those who like to drive and have more control over the car because it allows you to manage engine power and better control fuel consumption. Its location in a car corresponds to the engine compartment, coupled with this same essential element.

ATTENTION: Refer to the appropriate vehicle manufacturers service / repair manual for your vehicle to obtain specific service procedures for this part. If you do not have a service manual or if you lack the skill or you do not have the necessary tools to install / repair this part, it is recommended that you seek the services of a qualified vehicle technician. Pay special attention to all cautions and warnings included in the manufacturers service manual and follow any applicable regulatory requirements. Read and follow all of the vehicle manufactures instructions carefully. The following repair guide instructions have been written as a supplement to (i.e. not designed to replace) the specific vehicle manufactures service manual. We have made every effort to ensure that the instructions are accurate; however, we assume no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. If you find any information in this repair guide that is incorrect or incomplete, we would appreciate your feedback. Note:By design the new cup seal is slightly thicker than the original seal and needs to be compressed equally & evenly at all four compression points (three screws and one mounting bolt).


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