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The next few weeks I couldn't think about anything else but my pretty little pussyboy with a real twat. A nice set of lips to fuck instead of his clit hanging there rock hard and useless. It's the only thought that got me off. Try as he might the poor little bitch couldn't cum hands free. I wanted that so bad. To watch him get off just from my cock. Just from a real man fucking him.

I pushed my cock back in his mouth and started to fuck it again and he had no idea that his big hard cock would never be hard again. I fucked his mouth then pulled out and told him to get on the bed face down ass up. He jumped up quickly and climbed onto the bed, feeling his way with the blindfold on. As soon as he was ready he pushed his face into the pillows and raised his ass into the air. His perfect round bubble ass was smooth and his hole never looked more inviting. I buried my face into his ass and started eating his hole hard. I licked it all over and dubbed my beard across his pink boypussy. He moaned and shook with pleasure. I started to fuck him with my tongue and could hear his breathing increasing. Slowly he started rocking his hips back into my face and I knew he was losing himself to the pleasure. He was reaching the perfect point of doing whatever I said just to keep feeling good.

His tiny cock began to grown even smaller. His balls started to shrink and go up into his body. I watched as they disappeared completely. Then his tiny cock became a nub, then nothing. He was had just a mound where his once big cock was. Then it split slowly and two lips formed. They filled and got bigger and opened wider. The tiny clit appeared at the top. I couldn't believe what had happened. I told him to say he wanted a pussy and now he had one. I wanted to touch it so bad but wasn't sure what would happen. Slowly I reached forward and rubbed the edge of his lips with the tip of my fingers.

Without hesitation he slide off my cock and bent over the side of the bed. I stood up and starred at him. His round ass was spread, his pink hole was loose, and where his cock used to be was two puffy pussylips starting to drip slightly. His cunt was getting wet and ready to be fucked and he had no idea. Slowly I pushed my cock against his twat, rubbing the head on the edge of his lips. He gasped in surprised and pleasure.

I immediately pulled out and he groaned. He was going to cum, but not like that. He was going to watch himself cum. I wanted him to see his first orgasm from his new pussy just as it happened. Just as the potion made it his pussy forever.

I picked him up and pushed him onto the bed. I told him to straddle my cock facing away from me. He did so willingly. We were facing the mirror on the other side of the bed. My legs hanging off the side of the bed, his twat just behind my hard dick, and my arms around his body watching in the mirror. I raised him up slowly then lowered his pussy onto my cock. He shuddered and instantly began riding my dick in short strokes.

He had no idea it was the only way he was going to cum from here on out. He started to fuck himself hard and fast. He pushed against my cock and slide it in and out of his pussy having no idea what was happening. All he could do was feel how good it felt. I watched my cock slide between his cunt lips, nearly popping out before he was push down onto it and make it disappear in his vag. I could tell he was getting close. He breathing increased and each breath got shorter. He was reaching the point of no return and he knew it.

"no no no Ohh Daddy fuck no no no" I watched as he came from my cock in his pussy. He watched as he pussy twitched and sprayed a little down my cock and balls. I could see in his face how good it felt to cum from his pussy but also how horrified he was. He reached down before even caught his breath and felt my cock in his pussy.

And finally, one night, it was enough. He crawled into my bedroom, opened up my legs, and told me I was going to be a real mommy now. His cock pushed inside my young pink pussy, almost tearing me apart. Despite my tears, he loved it, cumming inside and telling me I was never to spill a drop of cum from my pussy.

Bob wasted no time. Right on the sofa, while all the others watched, he began to finger my pussy while he kissed my nipples. My stepdad had shown him all of the spots that turned me on and all the spots that turned me into a whimpering mess. And I confess, having all those older men watch me come undone made my pussy quiver.


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