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3d Katie Cracked Full Game Torre

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3d Katie Cracked Full Game Torre

Lookin' to snag Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom, are ye? Awesome; here's how you can download, extract, and play the game!STEP 1: Before you download the game, we'd highly recommend downloading the latest version of WinRAR, a very important piece of software that will allow you to extract the game. Ensure that you can open .rar files! You can ignore any requests to donate or buy the full version of WinRAR, if you wish.

It's possible your save file might've gotten corrupted. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue. You will unfortunately lose your progress if you had any, so if you want to back up your save file first before deleting in case this fix doesn't work, you can do so. But the game should function properly now after deleting your save manually and starting a newgame.

1 year later... at back playing again.. "2/28/2022" I thought some bugs R fix like "menu unclickble". and "savefile vanishing", well.. those bugs its still exist -big sigh- and idk if am gonna really.. gonna redo all of those chapters to waste my time and menu its unforgivable.. :/ more like "unclickable" its awfull.. :C that am curious the game is 15gb space now.. but bugs its still haven't fixing it just go to appdata and delete save again 350c69d7ab


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