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Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen

Chroma Sync Not Working [BETTER]

Wallpaper Engine is not capable of directly communicating to your RGB hardware, all color information are sent to the RGB drivers first. If one or more pieces of hardware are not working, the issue must be on the software side of your hardware vendor. Some very old hardware is not fully supported anymore by these hardware vendors and will not work. Keep in mind that this is nothing we can fix on our end.

Chroma Sync Not Working

In rare cases, hibernation may cause RGB hardware to stop working in combination with Wallpaper Engine. If some or all of your RGB hardware stops working correctly after your system wakes up from hibernation, try enabling the Safe start after hibernation option in the General tab of the Wallpaper Engine settings, this solves these types of issues for the majority of affected users.

Computers may sometimes skip an update cycle with your mouse or hardware drivers because another program was briefly given priority, causing a slight desynchronization between the mouse and the computer. The mouse is still working and sending commands to the computer, but the computer can n