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Where To Buy Sleepgram Pillows !EXCLUSIVE!

Inside the cover are two separate pillows covered in 100% polyester and filled with a fluffy down-alternative called poly microfiber. These inner pillows are labeled with a blue marker, and a red marker, denoting soft and medium firmnesses respectively. This allows the sleeper to mix and match pillow configurations in order to customize firmness.

where to buy sleepgram pillows

Sleepgram pillows can be machine washed on the gentle cycle using a mild liquid detergent on medium or low heat. For best results, wash two pillows at a time to balance the load. Tumble dry on low or no heat with dryer balls (or clean tennis balls).

Most experts will say that swapping out a pillow every six months for hygienic reasons is a good idea. If well cared for and washed when needed, most pillows including the Sleepgram pillow can last two years or more.

Remember that the two inner pillows have colored tabs? The blue tabbed pillow is the soft/thinner pillow and the red tabbed pillow is the medium/thicker pillow. The idea is that you are able to customize the thickness and firmness by using both the blue and red tabbed pillows or just one of them.

The Sleepgram Pillow has been all over Instagram and Facebook with ads and reviews, but we needed to see it for ourselves. The unique construction of this pillow, 3-in-one design, makes it much different than your average filled pillow. As a sleeper, you have the option to choose between levels of support to suit your needs. You are able to change the support whenever you would like and can dial-in your comfort perfectly. This is one of our favorite down-alternative pillows because of the customizable support and extreme value.

The Sleepgram Pillow is, for the most part, known for its unprecedented and modernistic 3 pillows in 1 design. It gives prominence to cotton, crisp cover and inner fillings fabricated with polyester microfiber. Additionally, the adjustable nature and allergy-resistant materials make it a crowd-pleaser.

The 3 in 1 pillow design features two additional pillows, and outer pillow unzips with distinct levels of filling inside for a total of 3 individual pillows. There are two sizes available, namely, standard, and King or Queen (both consist of two inches gusset)

With Sleepgram Pillow, you can have three pillows in one buy, helping you get a night of much better sleep. This pillow is dedicated to supporting your head correctly. Besides, no matter how cozy your bed is, if your pillows are not taken care of, it is most likely that you will wake up feeling tired and groggy.

With intent or a desire of transforming and reshaping the pillow industry, co-founders Leo Haury and Logan Newell designed the Sleepgram pillow with a three in one customizable, luxury design. The advanced and highly-developed design features an outer-zippered case with two different-sized, removable pillows inside.

The Sleepgram pillow places itself apart or stands out from any traditional and conventional pillows with its three in one, sophisticated adjustable construction. It features 100 percent cotton and hypoallergenic cover with a breathable woven fine cotton or polyester fabric designed to stimulate cool sleeping.

In a nutshell, it is super easy to clean. And as compared to other traditional pillows or other pillows with the same design, the Sleepgram pillow is very much affordable. The outer cover offers a crisp and clean cotton feel. Plus, it comes with guidelines and instructions to aid you in using the pillow correctly.

A lot of sleepers like the feel of a down pillow or a feather because they are machine washable, soft, and supportive. Down pillow alternative is similar to the real down pillow, but it is not as costly and works well for sleepers with feather allergies who cannot use real down pillows.

The quality threads in the down pillow alternative used in the Sleepgram pillow promote air to flow and run through it, distributing and spreading heat while you sleep. And because it has a couple of layers, the Sleepgram pillow will not retain heat just like other kinds of pillows and the soft cotton cover encourages or promotes a cool sleeping experience as well.

Synthetic down comes with the advantages of not having a bad smell just like some memory foam pillows have. Users who are ultra-sensitive to chemical odors should like the odorless, neutral design of the Sleepgram pillow. With that said, Sleepgram pillows are made of synthetic material and are not as eco-friendly as a pillow created with a natural material such as cotton, buckwheat, and bamboo.

Down pillow alternatives are less expensive as compared to the real down pillows. The Sleepgram pillow, for a Queen size, costs $49.95, while the King size costs $64.95. When you think about the many options that you can enjoy in one pillow, this is rather a great value.

The Sleepgram pillow is a three in one design that lets you adjust or customize it for a firm, medium, or soft sleep surface. It has a zippered outer-case and two different-sized, removable pillows that you can adjust or remove the height. And because of its adjustable feature, the Sleepgram pillow will likely work for all kinds of sleepers, whatever preferences they have.

The outer layer of the Sleepgram pillow is a pillow itself and is soft and fluffy. You could, for the most part, remove both the red and blue inserts, and just use the cover itself as a pillow. Although it will not provide you with much support or structure, if you are someone who prefers to bunch and fold up your pillows, this gives a practical, clever solution.

The outer cover and both of the extra pillows are, for the most part, made with a hypoallergenic material that will not leave you with watery eyes or sneezing throughout the night. And thanks to the one hundred percent cotton that make up the outer layer, along with a breathable woven fine cotton or polyester fabric, you will have a sleeping cushion that keeps cool throughout the night as well.

I love my new pillows. I am a dental hygienist with constant neck pain. My pain is considerably less using my sleepgram pillow.I have tried many other reputable brands and they do not compare. I will recommend to all my dental friends and everyone who suffers from chronic neck pain. Thank you for such a fantastic product!! Sandy E?

I was super excited to get these pillows but kinda disappointed at the end. They sink down to the bed leaving the rest of the stuff just forming to your head. I wish it was a bit more firm so my head isn't practically laying on the bed itself.

Are you looking for an adjustable pillow you can customize to your favorite sleeping position and change with the seasons? Sleepgram is 3 pillows-in-one and the perfect amount of cloud-like fluff for the stomach, side, and back-sleepers! Customize it, wash it, hug it, and enjoy a down-alternative pillow with none of the odor or the guilt.

The Sleepgram pillow comes with 2 inner pillows of different sizes. The blue-tag pillow is a thinner option, great for stomach-sleepers looking for some fluff. The red-tag pillow is a thicker option, ideal for the back and combo sleepers. Add both pillows inside the cover for the thickest option and perfect for the side-sleepers looking for more neck clearance.

Insert the blue-tagged thinner insert if you are a stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper who prefers a thinner pillow. If you are a stomach-sleeper who likes low-profile, nearly-flat, pillows, the Sleepgram will not be a good option for you. In its thinnest form, this pillow still provides a good amount of fluff and contouring, leaving you with the very comfortable feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

Lastly, insert both the blue and red-tagged inner pillows if you are a strictly side-sleeper and enjoy a thick and fluffy pillow. This option gives you a thick and firm pillow, that provides you with extra neck and spinal support. If you are someone looking for large neck clearance, this will be your most favorite combination and a great pillow for your needs.

I am a combo sleeper (side and back), and I felt very comfortable with only the red insert inside the pillow. It had a medium feel and was high enough to fill the space between my head and my mattress, without creating awkward angles and allowing too much sinkage. I used it when sleeping on the side and back, and it performed well in both tests. This configuration is also the most moldable, which means that it can conform to your head and neck right where you need it and provide relief for your shoulders as well.

But my absolute favorite thing about the Sleepgram is its versatility. I mean, you get three separate pillows in one model, so you can play with loft and firmness as you like. With this pillow, almost any sleeper will get their peaceful and sound shut-eye.

Overall, the Sleepgram is an excellent solution for the fans of softer and medium-firm pillows. Its firmness range and loft options can satisfy most sleepers out there. If your neck and shoulders require additional comfort, this pillow can give you just that. Plus, many of you will appreciate the ease of maintenance.

Some manufacturers market their pillows toward back-, stomach-, or side-sleepers specifically, but there are no industry standards on what, for example, makes one model a side-sleeper pillow and another a back-sleeper pillow. At the end of the day these labels are meaningless.

We personally are not the most diligent about pillow care. But our research found that everyone should wash their pillows a couple of times a year, to zap any crud that sneaks past pillowcases and even pillow protectors. We asked down expert Jack Sukalac, owner of All About Down, and Christian Alexander, chief operating officer at Nest Bedding, how to wash pillows with different kinds of fill.

Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow ClassicGood for: all sleep positionsWe prefer the adjustability of the PlushComfort Pillow Ultimate, but the PlushComfort Pillow Classic was one of the comfier down-alternative pillows in our 2019 testing. Side-sleepers found it was more supportive than the Snowe Down Alternative pillows and much softer than the Brooklinen Down Alternative. If you like a medium-density pillow, for any sleep position, this is one to consider. 041b061a72


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