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Bee Swarm Simulator REPACK

Looking for the latest Bee Swarm Simulator codes for free in-game items? Despite its alarming title, Bee Swarm Simulator is one of Roblox's gentler experiences, focused not around summoning swarms of angry hymenoptera to ruin an innocent picnic, but instead on tending and growing your own hive to produce honey. Classed under Roblox's adventure category, you also get to explore the mountainside where your bees reside, unlocking treasures and secrets as you go. It's all surprisingly cute.

Bee swarm simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator codes can be redeemed for items and buffs that help your swarm out on their adventures in various different ways - including extra berries and double honey buffs. Read on for a comprehensive list of active codes and their rewards, and how to redeem them in-game.

Bee Swarm Simulator is an adventure experience developed by Onett. Players can enjoy growing a swarm of bees, collecting pollen to turn into honey, and various other fun tasks and challenges to take on. Additionally, bears roam the land and are available to be accepted into the bee swarm family as friends, offering perks and boosts to collecting items. With tons of challenges and rewards to earn, Bee Swarm Simulator has quickly grown to become one of the biggest Roblox games available.

Created in March 2018, Bee Swarm Simulator has an active player base of over 32,000 and over 2.2 billion visits globally. With tons of badges to acquire by remaining active and growing their bee swarm to exponential levels, it's no wonder this game has remained among the ranks of the most active and enjoyed Roblox titles.

Bee Swarm Simulator is a game where you control a swarm of bees with the main goal of making as much honey as possible by completing quests, hatching eggs, and more. To make honey, you need to collect pollen from flowers nearby, return to your hive, and start creating this honey. With this honey, you can then spend it at the nearby shop to buy better equipment to make honey faster!

Though it's not that simple, other insects will attack you, and if you die, you'll respawn, but all of your collected pollen will be gone. Your bee swarm will protect you, but you'll need to hatch and transform all kinds of bees with different strengths and abilities to protect you and your hive. Grow your hive and make your way to the top of the mountain to become the ultimate bee!

Bee Swarm SimulatorThumbnail (original)Thumbnail (post-Gifted update)LogoCreatorOnettMonth createdMarch 2018VisitsAround 1,779,750,000GenreAdventure Page last updated on February 14, 2023Bee Swarm Simulator is a simulator game created by Onett. Players grow their own swarm of bees, collect pollen, and turn their pollen into honey to purchase in-game items. NPCs (or bears) are found around the game to give players quests. There are various types of bees to be discovered and many can only be attained by events, completing quests, or with other methods. There are power boosts that you can receive by finishing quests given to you by the NPCs or by searching the maps. These boosts can level up bees or turn them into a different type of bee.

Once players spawn into the game for the first time, a brief tutorial describes the basic mechanics to play the game. Everyone receives a Basic Egg to start their own swarm of bees. Players use a collection tool and their bees to collect pollen from fields. Once their pollen bag is full, they can convert the pollen into honey. Honey can then be used to purchase more bees, larger bags, more efficient collectors, accessory items to boost the player and hive.

NPCs around the game give players the opportunity to complete quests for a variety of prizes, such as honey, eggs, consumables, and potential enhancements for their swarm. Certain NPCs are available for a limited time and can give players early access to special items or bees.

Players will need to expand their swarm and manage multiple hives in the Bee Swarm Simulator game in Roblox. There are various types of bees that have different abilities or boosts, and there are also bears that give side quests for different rewards. Maintaining hives and collecting honey will eventually allow players to unlock new areas, different types of eggs, unique equipment, and other rewards. For those that want to get ahead quickly or are just starting out and want a boost, redeeming codes is a great way to quickly make progress.

Progression is measured by how many eggs have been hatched and how many different types of bees players have discovered. Using boosts to enhance a bee's abilities will make it easier to expand the swarm quickly. There are a lot of different boosts and items to collect from codes for the Bee Swarm Silumator game type. Redeeming codes in Roblox for boosts, tickets, honey and other items allows players to quickly build up their bee swarms and unlock the next stages of the game.

  • What is this doing in a Roblox simulator game!?Yes, you heard us right. A cute little game with smiling bees and friendly bears has a bit of Nightmare Fuel in it. Spoilers Off for Moments pages. You have been warned. The Cave Monsters. Dear lord, the Cave Monsters. If you happen to walk into the Werewolf's cave in the Cactus/Pumpkin field, you'll find yourself in a pitch-black chamber with a single Golden Egg at the end of it... and some unseeable monsters chasing after you the whole way through. They're fast (To the point that you need a few Haste tokens just to get the golden egg before being jumped), can kill you in one hit, and there's more than one of them. When there's a honey storm or a sprout in the Mountain Top field, you can see what they look like, and... well, just look at the picture. They're giant spiders that are far more realistic than the game's normal spiders (which are overall kind of cute), and they don't even seem to have eyes! You can kill them, but they don't really give anything other than a measly battle point.

  • If you fall into the chute of the Pineapple Field's instant converter, you'll find yourself in a long, white corridor, with the eerie Crawlers music playing. Then you look behind yourself, and see a massive, pitch-black bear slowly approaching you. It doesn't lunge at you like other monsters, but that makes it creepier. It can also kill you instantly, too, just like the Cave Monsters. Thankfully, unlike with the Cave Monsters, you can escape it by reaching the end of the hall, and killing it gives you some nice rewards.

  • If you have a Goo Hotshot badge, you can enter a special area by landing on the giant Gummy Bee near the Ant Gate. It has a free Glue dispenser, as well as a shop with some good items. It also houses the Gummy Bear, a bear that was featured in a past event. Nice to see him again, right? Well... if you talk to him again and you haven't crafted the Gummy Mask, he'll say this gem before killing you instantly: Gummy Bear: What's sweeter than honey? Glorious gumdrops... they're just the start! A sweet and sour, ooey-gooey universe... Can't you see it, too? What's that, Gummy Bee? They're not seeing clearly? YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT! GOO-dbye, beekeeper... HAH!

The hit Bee Swarm Simulator allows you to maintain a swarm of bees, collect pollen, and make honey. But, to raise your farm from scratch and grow it further you might need a lot of in-game items. Wondering where to find them? Take a look at our latest Bee Swarm Simulator codes that can earn you a lot of freebies.

These codes will give you the best possible advantage when it comes to boosting the growth of your bee swarm, ensuring that you have bragging rights over your friends and collecting the most pollen to produce honey. 041b061a72


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