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Robert Nguyen

The Best Dyson Vacuum To Buy

Shopping for a Dyson vacuum can feel like you've been sucked into one. There's a dizzying array of models on sale at any given time, and every new model of vacuum tries to outdo the last one by packing more and more features. Now that the newest machines feature things like lasers and LCD screens, it's easy to get overwhelmed by deciding whether you need them.

the best dyson vacuum to buy

Stick vacuums get all the attention, and in most cases, they should. Cordless and weighing under 7 pounds, they're easy to maneuver and handle, and they convert into handheld models in seconds. The V15 is Dyson's latest and most expensive stick vacuum.

Its claim to greatness is a green laser that shoots out the front of the motorized head, which illuminates the dust particles in your path. A sensor inside the vacuum counts the number of particles the V15 is sucking up and tells you the particle sizes on the LCD display. The same sensor automatically adjusts the power level to match how gnarly your floors are. Senior associate reviews editor Adrienne So tested the V15 and says not every user needs to know dust particle size down to the micron, and the dust bin is more finicky than other Dyson stick vacs. But if you have severe allergies or just want the best of the best, it may be the right vacuum for you.

At almost $1,000, this is one of the most expensive Dysons in the lineup and a lot of money to pay for a vacuum. But it's not for everyone. If you're choosing between this one and the V15 Detect, we recommend the Outsize+ for those who have a large home with a lot of square footage, a variety of floor types, and pets you clean up after often. We're currently testing the Outsize+ and it's worth noting that it's a bit less powerful in suction than the V15 Detect. The Outsize+ offers 220 AW while the V15 Detect packs 230 AW. However, the Outsize+ is still the best option if you want to cover more surface area while vacuuming, all while spending less time emptying the dust bin or charging the battery.

Adrienne So gave it 7 out of 10 in her review, but it still became her favorite Dyson vacuum due to how easy it was to maneuver. At o